Cleveland Clinic The Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Pavilion

When it was completed, the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center was the largest single use hospital built in the world with over a million square feet of space.  Our contract included all underground plumbing installed in a hydraulics laboratory.  The Heart Center has 14 operating rooms and 290 patient rooms.  This included a state of the art medical gas system and all equipment and piping for the signature water feature at the main entrance to the heart center.  Where the new building connected to the existing hospital there were numerous existing medical gas systems to tie into.  This was performed on 2nd or 3rd shift to minimize the interruptions to hospital operations.  Our coordination team was located on site in a coordination trailer complex.  This team absorbed a steady, unrelenting, flow of design changes that were incorporated into the project with the minimum re-work and therefore at the minimum installed cost.  One feature of our contract had us provide temporary toilets on every other floor through out the entire tower.  We used a combination of permanent plumbing piping and temporary connections to provide the service for fully functional rest rooms.  This effort required cooperation from electrical trades and the interior contractor in order to complete these temporary facilities.

As part of the heart center we completed work on the Glickman Urological Institute.  This Glickman tower was a 10 story research tower adjacent to the heart center.  The construction ran concurrent with the heart center and was staffed by a separate team from our office.  However, both projects were under the same overall project manager from our company.

Job No.: 
Year Acquired: 
Project Primary Name: 
Cleveland Clinic The Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Pavilion
Market Segment: 
Building Type: 
Project Sq. Ft.: 
1,200,000 sq. ft.
Bid Type: 
Contract Type: 
Medical Gas
Accounting Manager: 
Virginia Vodrazka
Assistant Project Manager: 
Fran Lynsky
Sonja Curac
MEP Coordinator: 
David Cacolici
Project Engineer: 
David Kerze
Project Foreman: 
Ron Ulanski
Safety Administrator: 
Fran Lynsky
Senior Project Manager: 
David Kerze
9302 Euclid Avenue
Zip Code: